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Zimbabweans struggling to survive under the current harsh economic conditions have lost interest and faith in the ongoing police investigations to expose the Baba Jukwa Facebook character, which this week sucked in the Information Minister himself, Jonathan Moyo.

According to the state Herald newspaper, Moyo on Thursday confirmed that he had been summoned by the police team probing the Baba Jukwa case and turned up with his lawyer, to help clarify a few issues regarding their investigations.

SW Radio Africa had reported Thursday that Moyo was a “no-show”, failing to report to the police as requested. It turned out he had indeed failed to report to the CID Division that summoned him, but had instead approached a higher authority at the Police Headquarters.

The police interest in Moyo is reportedly based on information provided by the former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who is out on bail after being arrested and accused of being the controversial Jukwa. His brother is also facing the same charges.

The Herald said Kudzayi claims he was initially contacted by the Environment Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, to help investigations by using his technical skills. Kasukuwere then referred Kudzayi to Minister Moyo, who linked Kudzayi to the Ministry of Defence investigators.

Moyo would not be drawn to confirm whether this is what police wanted to clarify when he reported to them with his lawyer, saying his submission was “privileged information”.

He is quoted as saying: “If there is any lesson from this, it is that nobody is above or outside the law and that all of us must always and everywhere submit ourselves, and by that I mean our actions, to the rule of law in accordance to the Constitution.”

But according to freelance reporter Linda Mpofu, Moyo should not fear being arrested because our history shows that powerful chefs do not get prosecuted. It is always some poor scapegoat who pays the price and suffers. “I think there are real criminals out there who need to get arrested rather than some person Baba Jukwa. Honestly do we really care? It is a waste of resources. Even if they catch him, will it change my economic situation? No, it won’t”, Mpofu said.

She added that the jails are full of ordinary, poor people who are arrested while trying to make an honest living through activities like gold panning and selling produce. People have lost the initial interest in Jukwa because exposing him will not put bread and butter on their tables.

Source : SW Radio Africa