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Baba Jukwa, who claimed to be close to Zanu-PF, was embedded in MDC-T politics and had contacts with the party’s leadership among them the opposition party’s Harare provincial spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu and a group led by one Mr Chawarika Matongerere.

Ironically, Mr Gutu is the lawyer representing the two South Africa- based Zimbabwean journalists, Mkhululi Chimoio and Mxolisi Ncube, whom hackers exposed to be part of a syndicate behind the Baba Jukwa Facebook page.

Mr Gutu’s involvement with the Baba Jukwa project effectively puts his representation into question.

As the net closes in on the Jukwa syndicate, it emerged yesterday that the faceless character had links with some MDC-T officials and meetings were arranged where undisclosed funds were made available to fund different projects.

Among the Baba Jukwa projects were terror groups like the Gunda Nleya Brigade and Zimbabwe Patriotic Force for Democracy.

Documents in our possession show that on May 26 2013, Baba Jukwa communicated with Mr Matongorere, aising him that meetings had been arranged with Mr Gutu to discuss MDC-T politics.

Said Baba Jukwa: “Hie, brother man, I hope I will find you in good health. Well, our plan is going on well as planned and I have e-mailed Gutu with finer details about you (Matongorere), your group and what you intend to do.

“What I have emphasised is the need for MDC-T to create a platform where you meet to share and exchange notes as well as understand each other as we all have one goal of liberating our country from evil people.

“The funding aspect isn’t much of an issue as long as your team can meet with Gutu and company because it is them, Gutu and company who stand to benefit more from your activities.”

However, Ncube refused to comment on the matter yesterday, referring all the questions to his lawyer Mr Gutu, while Chimoio was not available.

“You guys I told you I know nothing about that Baba Jukwa thing but you continue calling the same. I told you I am not going to say anything about that, talk to Mr Gutu who is handling that matter,” he said.

Mr Gutu who was in the United States was

“I am in Chicago, America, attending my daughter’s graduation. I do not know anything about the meeting you are talking about. I do not even know those people. What I know is I was approached by the two guys (Ncube and Chimoio) who said I should represent them against New Zimbabwe.Com, The Herald and The Sunday Mail. They are saying they are not Baba Jukwa. That is my involvement in this issue, I will prepare the papers against your company when I come there next week,” said Mr Gutu.

However, Baba Jukwa in the communication gleaned by The Herald urged Mr Matongorere to be steadfast and resolute in whatever they were doing because the bigger picture was that whenever information they got were supposed to share with the MDC-T.

“Are your senior guys willing to come to such meetings in South Africa? Gutu will ask me and would want to know more about the people we are dealing with and how significant are they to Zimbabwe politics who is who? Take for example, who will not jump to meet with V. Sibanda or if your senior emissaries come to meetings with critical docs and information (sic).”

Baba Jukwa promised to set up logistics office in South Africa, where he would be helping with co-ordination and other logistics on both sides, adding funding was not a challenge.

“I am aware the MDC is concerned about utterances by service chiefs and some senior Zanu-PF members and you coming in handy with critical information that there are contingents’ (sic) measures in place to counter any flouting of electoral laws or undermining the Constitution is a boost they desperately need. This whole issue is quite sensitive and I have warned Gutu about it and to keep our discussion away from the media.”

However, efforts to establish who Mr Matongorere and his group are, were fruitless yesterday.

Source : The Herald