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Beginning today we will be reproducing the chats between Baba Jukwa (Mxolisi Ncube) and Sahwira waBaba Jukwa (Mkhululi Chimoio) and their associates. In the exchange below the two were planning terror attacks using the so-called Gunda-Nleya Brigade, including composing songs to abet their cause. The typos are theirs.


Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am giving him. How about ASIJIKI! AND Jukwa Crew or Asijiki and Orchestra Jukwa Baba Jukwa: Great one and it’s a single hey and what wil b its title and contents

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: yes. aTitle: Asjiki Zvamuchese Contents.

I am composing. mainly on “the bones of the innocent have risen”. Baba Jukwa and Sahwi rising spirit here to fight evil” “Evil people – [names to follow] you are warned” Baba Jukwa and Sahwi declare – AN EYE FOR AN EYE’ ‘You shall pay for killing [names to follow]

When names of innocent people killed are being chanted Asijiki will be singing ‘They were innocent souls” in the background. We can actually make money by releasing it as I-tune for downloading at 99 cents.

Baba Jukwa: Great wil send these brief notes to my frands who are journos to write a story

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: good. what name should we settle for Sunday, June 16, 2013 – 9:57 PM

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi Monday, June 17, 2013 – 1:01 AM Circles X

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Song almost ready. I am polishing the voice.

Baba Jukwa: ok gud luck and all the best

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Thanks. You will like it I hope I going to send you the rough voice recording with no instruments yet

Baba Jukwa: great ok chief just a quick one can u do something now for this week’s column in the Zimbabwean, create division in them( I mean u knw there is a wing of old people, security chefs, young people and women) so now write something that will make them hate one another and create bhora musango. Also include that some are happy that SADC didn’t grant a go ahead as they want Mugabe to die and then get power by force the likes of Chiwenga and Mnangagwa. Also include something on Sekeramayi, Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere. Pliz do that before u sleep chief and e-mail m so I send for The Zimbabwean Newspaper column

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I was upload the song Sahwi. Check you email Voice recording sent. DO not share. Ruff cut and will and instrument

Still working on voice recordings. I am in studio right now. recording

Cool. Bhora musango. DOn’t worry. I will do.

Baba Jukwa: Ok great can u do that column after recording its needed urgently am on operations with GNB guys nw chief and cant manage coz w on operation til morning

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I will write a good one.

Baba Jukwa: got it thanks. Great write good ones, if u can manage two you can do it coz wil send anada one to Zim Eye chief remember they gave us a column as well.

Is your facebook page working? I mean page not account,

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I will. Yes it is. Tell people to follow. I have thousands for friend request. I need them to follow instead. The song is going to kill them Sahwi. I promised you. I am a diamond.

Baba Jukwa: Great lets take them out and for all and wil the song b for sale or distributed freely

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: We have to decide. I havenot given it much thought. Have listened to it. I want your take on it I have sent you the lyrics. Engisle version. It will be an album. Side 1 Shone and side two English. My thinking so far

Baba Jukwa: shap let m go tru it, so its 3 songs

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: two. Same song in English and Shona.

Baba Jukwa: ok kul chief

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am confident of the release that you can announce that BJ and Sahwi are releasing a revolutionary song soon. to be done in Harare and you know how to put it best

Baba Jukwa: Yes we will announce next week when everything is ready and polished SaHwi, let me get in action chief we want to discipline a warvet victimising our people. please make sure u do columns for The Zimbabwean and Zim Eye before you sleep. We are on track sahwi, enjoy hope to get columns by 6 morning

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: OK

Baba Jukwa: great chief later hey

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: LATER, ASIJIKI!!!

Baba Jukwa: asijiki for sure pliz am counting on u for columns

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: YES. WILL DO

Monday, June 17, 2013 – 2:40 PM Circles x Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: hey hw r u chief

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am fine. Am working on the article for zimeye. Yesterday the window was too tight. It was Father’s day hey

Baba Jukwa: shap broe work on it make it appetising divide them and make them fight

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. This one will be detailed. Did you go through the lyrics.

Baba Jukwa: Great

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Good. Will go into production with that

Baba Jukwa: Great yes that is great stuff chief we have to push hard You saw we now on Al-Jazeera, France 24 and every news worldwide we going to liberate this country

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I saw that. We are going to liberate it for sure. Focus, focus and focus Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: thanks and our eyes remain on the ball sahwi

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am going to look for email for those in SADC facilitation team. We need to give them press releases everyday.

Baba Jukwa: Yes just do that chief and we will win them

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Cool. Let me get back to work. Anything you need in-box me and I see if I can deliver.

Baba Jukwa: Great good luck

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Thanks. You too Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: Shap

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Before I go. I will be making a video for the song using pictures. Drop me some pictures you want to be in the slides

Baba Jukwa: Ok will ask Bennet to forward us pics he has as well

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Good

Source : The Herald