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From the streets and dusty roads of the ghetto has risen in the past years a breed of young chanters whose musical style has become the soundtrack of our lives here in Zimbabwe. In a day you can almost hear the same pattern of this sound, or better said “riddim”, but the difference then comes as each artiste demonstrates their own touch of class by creating and improvising their own melody and catchy chorus to give it that original feel.

Many times I have been left with no choice but to nod my heard to the sound and even once in a while you will hear me say “chibaba chacho” or “hauite hauite”.

So ladies and gentleman on The Big Stage currently is Zimdancehall and I must say that’s what it is.

I rarely talk about this music genre but I have been compelled to.

So, why am I starting my article here?

A lot of debates and discussions continue to do rounds as to why our artistes don’t make it on the international stage and never really become big world brands.

Well in the midst of the war of words some have blamed the corporate world for not coming alongside to assist. Well, here is one reason: as long as artistes like Soul Jah Love continue to breach contractual obligations, I am to say the business community will not find reason to support.

It’s the fourth or fifth time that this chanter has disregarded and overlooked bookings.

In all the cases if you try and find out whether its because of genuine or fake reasons you will discover that the artiste hasn’t understood how the game is played and the rules.

Excuses don’t pay the bills and never bring favour.

As soon as you realise your star is rising you need to remind yourself that all the fans and followers you have are not permanent.

They are not yours forever, you have rented them and as soon as you begin to communicate that you don’t real care about them and that you have grown a big head support levels drop and the whole vibe is killed.

You and I know some very talented artistes here in Zimbabwe who should be eating with the kings of this world but due to their bad vibes continue to roam the streets and at the same time the average artiste seems to be going places due to diligence. Talk about music as a business then the music fan is king and you have to make every effort to keep them on your side.

Just like that supermarket that you love even if you are far away you will find ways to go there and do your shopping because of the quality of service and product range price etc.

We pass by many shops everyday that have become the worst shopping experience due to some bad customer relations or just general outlook.

While in the past years we have seen an increase in the number of musicians being honoured with the ambassadorial roles by a number of organisation, this has gone to communicate the growing confidence that has been placed on them signifying hope for a better day.

So the fact is that support is slowly growing and every artiste needs to play their part wisely.

You can have the numbers and a great following but that’s not all that the sponsor is looking for today, it’s more than that.

Source : The Herald