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BARCLAYS Bank Zimbabwe has launched a new Chip and Pin VISA debit card that offers customers a fast, convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services at any Point-Of-Sale terminal.

The new chip debit card caters to customer’s evolving needs as it can be used for online shopping. Customers can switch to the new chip card for free by simply taking their current VISA card and identity document to their nearest Barclays branch.

The new debit card uses new card technology to help minimise card-related crime. Each new debit card has a tiny chip embedded in it that makes the card difficult to clone or duplicate.The chip card transactions will improve security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe card transactions and a merchant no longer has to visually inspect a card to check for holograms and other imprints.

“The new Barclays Chip and Pin card has been designed to allow our customers to shop with ease and confidence. The card has enhanced security and it can be used in any shop where the VISA logo is displayed. I encourage you to visit any branch today and switch to the safest way of paying,” said Valeta Mthimkhulu, Barclays Banking Director.

The Chip and Pin debit card has many benefits:

– You don’t have to risk carrying large sums of cash.

– You can use your card 24 hours a day to shop for groceries, pay for fuel or even shop online.

– If your card is lost or stolen it is protected by a secret PIN (Personal Identification Number).

– There is additional security provided by our Fraud Monitoring System that blocks your card in the event of unauthorised transactions.

– You can access our 24 hour contact centre on +263 4 250579 for any card related queries.

Barclays, as a leading international bank, will continue to seek ways to improve its products and channel offering in line

Source : Financial Gazette