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Business Reporter Barclays Zimbabwe has launched a campaign to send money for free to recipients in Zimbabwe through the ATM.

The “Cashsend Craze Campaign” that will run until the September 30 2014 is aimed at providing customers with another convenient channel to transact.

Cashsend is a simple money transfer solution offered within Zimbabwe. It enables a Barclays card holder to send money to anyone within the country through a wide network of Barclays ATMs.

There is no registration required for this service and it is available 24 hours a day at any Barclays ATM. Receivers can be non-Barclays account holders because a voucher number is sent via sms, and the pin is sent by the sender.

The money can be redeemed through a card-less service on any of the Barclays ATMs countrywide at no extra cost.

Barclays Banking Director, Mrs Valeta Mthimkhulu said “We are excited to launch this campaign which allows customers to send money absolutely free to anyone in the country.

“Over the next three months there will be absolutely no charges that will apply on this channel so I urge everyone to go ahead and use it. Whether you want to send money to your child at university, to relatives in other centres or just a nice surprise for a loved one, sending cash has never been simpler with this technology from Barclays.

“We are committed to helping our customers to prosper – and over the next three months, sending money through Cashsend we will be for free.

“We are catering for everyone, including those who do not have a bank account so that they may be able to receive money in a safe and secure manner without physically going into a banking hall.”

Mrs Mthimkhulu further explained that only the sender and the beneficiary will know about the transaction, eliminating the risk of fraud and identity theft.

The recipient will need to make use of the simple but safe authentication system, and cash is readily available in all ATMs which are located in secure locations. Barclays said one needs not to have to an account with the back to receive cash.

“Barclays Zimbabwe continues to invest in innovative products and services that will make customer’s lives much easier as it strives to be the ‘Go-To’ bank in Zimbabwe,” said Mrs Mthimkhulu.

Source : The Herald