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One’s life depends on so many things but the most interesting is where lights, camera and action are the order of the day.

Being in the spotlight, always strutting on red carpets and getting attention is what gets one’s life on the move.The celebrity life, of course, comes with its aantages and disaantages.

Celebrities are people who have high social status and capture the interest of many people who are not so privileged.

Being a celebrity allows one to showcase talent and be held in high esteem in society. Although the road to success is quite a rough and bumpy one when one finally becomes a celebrity, life becomes spectacular and the celebrated personality enjoys the splendour of everything available in the unimaginable world.

Being a celebrity comes with so many aantages which the lucky individuals enjoy.

Through living the life of a celebrity one earns fame, popularity and and money and doors to every opportunity are swung open. All that the celebrity has to do is to make himself or herself available to exploit every chance and opportunity that is availed. If it is money that the celebrated personality is after, it comes in truckloads. Looking at the brighter side, I see that celebrity status grooms one into a responsible individual.

This is so because knowing that one is regarded as a role model will mean that the person will always try to be at his or her best in terms of behaviour, of course, this is a guarantee for a good reputation which every individual strives for.

Over and above this, opinions expressed by celebrities sound more like facts because the celebrities are considered more knowledgeable than ordinary people. It is easy to influence the public through such icons because they have wider social networks.

Celebrities move easily up social and political ladders because of the support they get from their adoring followers and supporters.

On the other hand, there are disaantages of being a celebrity. If success and fame get to one’s head, they end up being isolated by their family because one would be ever too busy for nagging relatives.

If one makes it to the top, it is an illustration of hard work and never-say-die spirit. The place where one livess, their car, wife, husband and body appearance all matter in the day-to-day life of a celebrity.

This may naturally create a social gap between the celebrity and his or her relatives who might not be all that well off. Being a celebrity also tends to be frastration as one cannot live a private life. A trivial mistake one makes is certain to appear in the media but unfortunately people judge or make fun of and do not take kindly to any flaws exhibited by their idols.

Being a celebrity is an incessant pain especially when the fame begins to desert a person. It is an exemplary lifestyle as one becomes a role model, walks to fame and is considered highly in society.

The writer is a Lower Six Arts student at Dzivaresekwa 1 High School.

Source : The Herald