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Newly opened Bellevue Butcheries says it will invest close to $10 million in the next two years as the company seeks to expand its operations and consolidate its entry into the market.

Chief executive Mr Shingirai Zinyemba said under the two- phased expansion, the company has budgeted about $10 million that will go towards the opening of new outlets and the company’s subsequent entry into the fast food industry, with an emphasis on the further enhancement of value-added capabilities.

Because of the size of the market and the appeal of the company’s products, Bellevue has implemented an expansion strategy that has seen the company opening 10 butchery outlets in and outside Harare. Most of the butcheries are in the CBD.

As part of the strategy the company will soon be rolling out three more outlets and venturing into the fast foods industry which will complement the farm and abattoir operations as part of its vertical integration strategy.

“To date we have drawn down a $5 million facility from a local financier and we are targeting three more outlets by the end of November to bring the total to 13,” he said.

He said the three additional butcheries are being rolled out in Harare’s CBD and Chitungwiza. Of the existing 10 butcheries six are located in Harare, and the other four in Murehwa, Mutoko, Norton and Bula- wayo.

Mr Zinyemba said the company has added the “m” in marketing as it is now synonymous with loud music being played at its many dotted outlets.

Mr Zinyemba said the company is negotiating with an international fast food chain and restaurants company for a possible synergy to enter the industry.

The company has over the last two years invested in farming operations and presently has 4 500 cattle.

According to Mr Zinyemba, the company which was founded in 2012, operates two multi-species livestock slaughtering plants in Murehwa and Norton.

Mr Zinyemba said the idea was to have the company control the whole value chain rather than rely on external suppliers who will dictate pricing.

“Through our cattle ranching operations and abattoirs, we can consolidate our operations making it feasible for us to offer very competitive prices,” he said.

The company currently has a staff complement of 240 employees. Given the dynamics of the modern food industry, the position of Bellevue in the market will be determined by price, consistency, quality and service.

The challenge will be to sustain consumption by its existing consumers, encourage consumption in a new group of consumers, and to have a high level of production which will provide, into the future, the basis for a g and competitive company.

Source : The Herald