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POPULAR pole-dancer Beverly Sibanda has promised her ‘starving’ fans more shows and fireworks as she makes her ‘second coming’ to the dance floor after months in what she said the ‘wilderness’.

Bev returns to the spots bars following her “rehabilitation” at Prophet Walter Magaya’s Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries.

For the Sexy Angel dancing leader, it was the dance floor, being involved in fights with her group members and sometimes with revellers, her sexually charged dances and the insertion of part of a 750 ml bottle into her privates that gave her fame and popularity.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com the raunchy pole dance said she was still a Christian, going to the same church but she has seen it fit to use her God-given talent to make money as things were not working well at her new clothing business.

“I’m back for good and most promoters are scrambling for my signature to sign me for shows and I promise my fans that Bev is back and will be rocking the dance floor soon.”

Asked if she had left the PHD Ministries, the pole dancer said she would remain a member of the church as she is now a ‘Christian’.

“I have seen it that the way we dance at the church is not different from the way we dance at the night spots, but that doesn’t change my new religion I’m now a Christian.”

The Sexy Angel leader’s return comes barely two weeks after she threatened to return dance floor after she was assaulted by a security guard at her church leader’s house in Malborough.

She claimed that she was failing to worship at the church as some girls were accusing her of going out with Walter Magaya the Founder of the Ministry.

“I am failing to worship now because of people who are busy looking for money from the prophet instead of looking for salvation.” She said.

“Every day I hear of people calling me names and I am contemplating going back to dancing because I feel it is better to be hated by a heathen than a Christian.”

When Bev was converted to Christianity, her rival in the industry, Zoey Sifelani, doubted if she had actual repented.

“I think that girl has a demon of some sort, I thank Magaya for a job well done if indeed she has repented,” said Zoey.

“Zvimwe zvinhu zvaaiita zvaida Mwari. If I want to go to church I will go with all my heart, not because someone offers me a container-full of imported clothes to woo me to church.

“What kind of repentance is that? Said Zoey in reference to news that Magaya had offered Bev a container of clothes to open a clothing shop.

The prophet later opened a clothing shop for Bev and her dancing girls along Chinhoyi Street in the capital.

But Bev said things were not well at the shop hence her decision to go back to the dancing floor.

“Zvinhu hazvisi kutengwa, I’m comfortable at the church but the ‘holy’ spirit commands me to return to the dance floor and will do that.”

But recent events and media reports have shown that her manager, Hapers Mapimhidze who was the first one to quit the church had accused the PHD leader of using Bev in order to lure new converts to his ministry.

Commenting of the return of Bev to pol-dancing, Mapimhidze said they were back and massive gigs are on the cards starting this coming weekend.

“I can’t comment further from what you have gathered, she is back and we are back,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe