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A Zimbabwe National Army officer appeared in court yesterday for allegedly trying to use a fake $20 note to buy fuel at a filling station in the city. Tanaka Dube (24) was found in possession of two more fake $20 bills after being searched.

He pleaded guilty to fraud and possession of articles of criminal use charges when he appeared before Mbare magistrate, Ms Precious Muzondo.

Dube, however, told the court that he was a victim of circumstances.

“I do admit to the charge but I did not know that the money was fake when it was handed over to me by someone I had sold a mobile phone to in Mbare,” he said.

The prosecutor Ms Revai Mudozoro alleged that on March 12 around 5:40pm at Xtreme Oils Service Station in Queensdale, Dube tendered a fake $20 note to buy petrol worth $5 from the fuel attendant.

The court heard that Dube was given $15 change, but immediately after handing over the change the fuel attendant realised that the money was fake.

It is alleged that Dube was also found in possession of two more fake $20 notes with the same serial number ME 173264518.

The supervisor at the service station called the police leading to Dube’s arrest.

Source : The Herald