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Mutare comes alive on New Year’s Eve when Suluman Chimbetu and Blessing Shumba unite for a gig at Pick and Save. Chimbetu and Shumba are riding high with their latest releases “Gunship” and “NdiJesu” respectively.

Sulu is topping the charts with his hit “Phone” which is fast gaining popularity while Shumba’s song “Chimwe neChimwe” is one of the favourites on Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50.

Sulu’s publicist Joe “Local” Nyamungoma promised fans a great time when they usher fans into the New Year.

“This is our first time to perform in Mutare since the launch of the new album and we are happy that we will be sharing the stage with Pastor Shumba who will bless the show with a prayer.

“A lot has happened this year and we performed at the venue several times so this will be our signature for 2014,” he said.

Shumba, who is one of the best gospel musicians in the country, said this will not be an ordinary show but a prayer for the New Year.

“While others will be at their different congregations, it is important to pray for everyone. You never know some might receive their calling on that night and repent,” he said.

The soft-spoken singer said his album has not only brought glory to his career, but inspired a number of people in society.

Show promoter Esau Mupfumi said he was looking forward to a great show.

“There is no doubt that these two musicians are doing well with their albums,” said Mupfumi.

He said Shumba will lead with a prayer until midnight before the show continues.

Source : The Herald