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Mbira lovers were given a treat of a lifetime at the Book Cafe over the weekend when the recently-crowned Mbira Month winners Madendera eKumabvazuva shared the stage with mbira giants Mawungira eNharira led by Nyamasvisva. The show which was a welcome back party for Nyamasvisva after his recent tour of Sweden was an interesting night of mbira sound. Madendera eKumabvazuva warmed the stage with their energetic performance.

They played some of their popular songs that call for preservation of culture much to the delight of the revellers who could not help but put on their mbira dancing shoes.

Their performance was flawless and exhibited why they were recently crowned kings of mbira

The main highlight of the night was when Nyamasvisva and his team went on stage and they too proved why they managed to win the hearts of the Swedish with their immaculate Mbira DzaVadzimu sound.

Their act was so great and most people in the multi-racial audience were seen dancing, ululating and kneeling down clapping their hands the traditional way.

Mawungira enharira was formed by Nyamasvisva in 2003 and has six albums to their credit.

The group has over the years mesmerised fans with a celebration of rich and traditional music with the mbira instrument taking centre stage while Madendera eKumabvazuva has now become the new popular outfit after winning the mbira clash.

In an interview on the sidelines of their performance, Madendera eKumabvazuva leader Lovemore Salari said mbira is part and parcel of Zimbabweans culture hence the need to preserve it.

“Mbira is part and parcel of our culture. Yes, one can fuse the instrument with other western modern instruments, but we gly believe that the mbira in itself is as powerful and can stand on its own,

“A mbira revolution will never fade in Zimbabwe because it is our heritage. It connects us to the ancestors it is a gift from our forefathers so we will leave that heritage to our children as well,

“As the winners of the mbira clash we are promising nothing but the best both in mbira sound and in the message that unites Zimbabweans and encourage people to respect their identity,” he said.

Source : The Herald