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IT’S a natural phenomenon as well as a proven geographic scenario that tributaries pour into a major river or stream, and never the opposite. I then find it crucial for us to take the above establishment and attach it to the politics surrounding MDC-T – the case of Tendai Biti.

Let me lay the foundation of this serial by deliberately going back and digging specific old political graves. I am talking about the buried political careers of the late Edgar Tekere, Dumiso Dabengwa, Daniel Shumba, Simba Makoni, Welshman Ncube, and maybe to add on the list, Tendai Biti’s fresh political grave.

All the above comrades’ defacto political insurgents miscalculated their political power and popularity and jumped on the conveyor belt that dropped them right into dirty political dustbins. They tried their level best to court the hearts of the people, but these prima donnas’ approach and ideology seemed to be too weak to stand a chance against a ger Zanu PF. They did not do much to themselves and their political careers instead it’s clear that they simply instigated insurrections that ricocheted on their political faces thus shattering their “political handsomeness” in the face of a politically alert people.

It’s evident that political bells rang to their ears alerting them to ignore failed coup d’eacutetat against their former political parties and its leadership. Pride is driving Dumiso Dabengwa and professor Welshman Ncube crazy to the extent that Dabengwa is still hanging on to a seemingly unresuscitated PF Zapu (which he promised to resuscitate when he broke away from Zanu PF), and Ncube is still busy dreaming of confusing the electorate into believing that MDC-N is the people’s party.

It’s rather aisable for Biti to learn from the above failed politicians and understand that he is still a “female peacock” in politics and it is rightly the duty of “political male peacocks” like Cde Robert Mugabe and President Morgan Tsvangirai to do the clamoring. It is quite true and agreeable that Biti was the agapanthus of the MDC-T before he got attacked by a “beriberi” that is caused by pride, selfishness, and insatiable appetite for power. Now he is like a “political wizard” who is up to no good. Lest he forgets that he has already crash-landed in the political wilderness where hunger, loneliness and thirst are the order of the day.

I warn those who are being bewitched by Biti’s idea that they should, without doubt, expect to face the same music if they are going to be lured to the wilderness because in the political game there is no rescue team. Let’s understand that the “geography” of the politics of Zimbabwe is such that there are two major “rivers” that flank our politics that is Zambezi and Limpopo – MDC-T and Zanu PF. If anyone attempts to cross carelessly they will be lost in the wilderness of Botswana or Kruger national park of South Africa, where their political career eventually dies.

Conclusively, let me unsententiously say, it’s quite wise for Mr. Tendai Biti to use the remnant energy that he got after a miscalculated flight, and fly back to the right thing before dawn comes, otherwise there is always room for recapitulation.

Source : New Zimbabwe