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The Zimbabwe Republic Police is monitoring activities at the “famous boat house” in Highlands suburb where youthful party goers last year drowned amid reports of suspected illicit drug deals and abuse at the house.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi told the National Assembly during Wednesday’s question and answer session that the boat house at Number 1, Grosvenor Road in Highlands was owned by a man called Nigel Mujuru, while the main house was rented by a Russian Embassy official and the cottage by a local computer company, IPC Consultants.

In September last year, the bodies of Washington Mushanawani (19), Timothy Moyo (23) and Tonderai Hatumwe (23) were found in a swimming pool at the boat house after a wild party.

Ziyambi said police had suspected drug use at parties held at the boat house but they have not yet come up with evidence.

“Police are monitoring all activities which are taking place at this house with a view of taking action on perceived illicit deals, but so far no concrete evidence has been found concerning the availability or use of drugs at this house,” he said.

“Lives have been lost under mysterious conditions at the boat house and suspicion has been that the premises are a haven for drugs.”

Ziyambi said the tragic incidences at the house were comprehensively investigated and a docket 12-142014 opened and submitted to the Magistrates Court in terms of the Inquest Act (chapter 7:07.)

“Circumstances are that Harrison Adrian (36) and Kudzai Matondo requested to host a party at this so-called Boat House, which is owned by Nigel Mujuru, aged 40 years. The two are believed to be close friends to Mujuru’s younger brother. Investigations have revealed that people were paying to enter the premises while beer and other spirits were on sale,” he said.

Ziyambi said a postmortem was conducted which revealed the cause of death as asphyxia due to drowning.

Source : Zimbabwe Standard