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A self-Proclaimed apostolic sect prophet who duped a Chitungwiza couple of property worth us$1 200 he claimed was contaminated with evil spirits has been sentenced to a year in prison. Mabel Mutukwani (27) of Unit C, Seke, Chitungwiza, on September 14 this year approached Emmanuel Musonza (41) of Vera Village in Seke at his shrine. The court heard that Mutukwani was seeking spiritual healing for her sick child.

He ordered her to kneel down and told her that her husband, who works in South Africa, was using juju to amass wealth.

Musonza said that was why the child was sick.

He told Mutukwani that he was going to conduct a cleansing ceremony on the property at their house.

Two days later, Musonza proceeded to Mutukwani’s house where he took a DSTv decoder, a home theatre, a bed and a D player.

He said the property would be burnt at his shrine since it was contaminated with evil spirits.

Musonza converted the property to his own use instead of burning it as promised.

When he heard that Mutukwani’s husband had returned and was demanding his property, Musonza panicked.

He was then reported to the police whom he tried to dupe by saying he had destroyed the property in a faraway place and was asked to take them there.

He kept on changing the goal- posts leading to the revelation that he was using the property.

While at the police station, Musonza borrowed Mutukwani’s cellphone and called his wife instructing her to burn the property to cover up the offence.

Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Mr Lazarus Murendo, Musonza pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Mr Murendo sentenced him to two years in prison, but conditionally set aside six months for five years.

A further six months were suspended on condition he paid back US$1 200 to Mutukwani.

Ms Zuvarashe Mushayabasa prosecuted.

Meanwhile, a woman yesterday stunned the court when she revealed that her husband was a popular prophet and was earning up to US$500 per month through healing people.

Cleopatra Musiya said Robert Jake’s shrine was always packed with people seeking his services.

Musiya made the revelations at the Harare Civil Court where she was claiming US$100 per month from Jake for the upkeep of their six-year-old son.

“I want him to pay US$100 per month and I know he is capable of paying such an amount since he earns about US$500 per month for healing people,” she said.

Musiya told magistrate Ms Babra Masinire that Jake was a well- known prophet in Magunje with supernatural healing powers, the reason why his shrine was always packed.

“I want the court to grant my application because he is neglecting his child putting the burden on me yet he knows that I am un- employed,” said Musiya.

In response, Jake offered to pay US$30 per month for the upkeep of his child and denied charging for his services saying it was against his church’s doctrine.

“I can manage to pay US$30 per month since I am not employed,” he said.

Jake said he had five other children with his first wife who depend on him for food, clothes and school fees.

“I think US$30 is fair because I have five other children whom I am taking care of,” he said.

Ms Masinire deferred the matter to today for ruling.

Source : The Herald