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Born Free Crew front-man Bruce Machingura has spread his singing mission to gospel music citing the need to help win souls. Machingura revealed that he has already finished an eight-track album which is titled “Vhiringidza Muchadenga”.

“The album has been completed and I am going to launch it on the March 30 at Victory Family Miracle Centre, an AFM church in Chitungwiza where my soul saved,” said Machingura.

The “Network” singer said because he had recently turned a new leaf in life, he hoped to touch lives with gospel music and help youths see light the same way he did when he sang about revolutionary gains.

“Many youths who did not seriously think about the revolution have seen light through our music and I believe with the same determination I can also help win souls as indeed youths out there need to be born again.

“The youths are the future but some of the paths which we follow do not lead us anywhere thus the need to change our ways,” explained Machingura.

Machingura however said he had not left the group that led him to fame but was only following his heart.

“I am still part of the group which steered me to where I am today but I should also follow my heart and I believe in spreading the good news through music,” said Machingura.

The musician said there is need for youths to take responsibility and desist from risky behaviour.

“Some youths still engage in all ills one can think of but I believe it’s time we take responsibility as young people,” explained Machingura.

The album carries tracks like “Minana”, “Mwari Makanaka” and “Muriko Mwari” with the later being a narration of the musician’s personal experience.

Source : The Herald

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