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Abundant Life Global Ministries’ Bishop Danmore Magorimbo is seeking a peace order against the owner of the premises his church was renting whom he is accusing of hiring bouncers who allegedly assaulted him in October last year. In his application filed at the Harare Civil Court, Magorimbo claimed Thomas Mutizhe hired the two bouncers who assaulted him in front of his wife and a man he only identified as Mr Rubaya.

“In October 2014, I was invited to a meeting by Mutizhe in the offices of Mr Rubaya, he turned up with two very muscular men who beat me up in the presence of my wife and Mr Rubaya, tearing my clothes in the process,” reads part of Magorimbo’s application.

The pastor had to run and was seen by some of the office staff as he ran towards the city library across the road.

“I received further threats via cell phone from one of the bouncers to vacate Mutizhe’s property which the church was renting within three hours,” he said.

“This resulted in me writing a letter to Mr Rubaya and surrendering the property keys.”

In his opposing affidavit, Mutizhe denied the allegations levelled against him by Magorimbo.

He claimed he never attended the alleged meeting with two bouncers and never witnessed the applicant being assaulted. Magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira ordered both parties to come to court on Monday for her ruling.

Source : The Herald