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AMBITIOUS young bowler Aaron Chilundo is optimistic he will do well in the Bob Mitchell competition which starts today at Alexandra Sport Club.

The event, expected to run for four consecutive weeks, is also used as preparations for the Zimbabwe Nationals, which is one of the most important tournaments on the calendar.

The bowlers will be playing in Fours.

Sports Club bowls veterans Mike Eaton and Clive Robertson will be representing the Alexandra team together with bowls president Malcolm Evans.

The fourth representative for the hosts will be Chilundo who is hopeful of contributing a lot to his side.

The event was played in a round-robin format.

Besides finishing in the bottom four in the last week’s competition, young bowlers Aaron Chilundo and Austin Kupara impressed a lot of neutrals.

“I believe I have got the potential and I will do well for my side. Playing the bowlers who have been in this sport for many decades gives me inspiration and I like it,” said Chilundo.

“If I want to become one of the country’s best, as well as Africa’s best or even top bowler in the world, this is the right time for me to build the foundation. I am very happy that my family and my club have been supportive and have been encouraging me because without them I was not going to become a good bowler.”

In the women’s category the bowlers will be competing in the Ethel Thomas competition which will also be played in Fours format.

Source : The Herald