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A 12 year-old boy from Burma Valley near Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique died after he was attacked and killed by a crocodile while fishing with friends in a nearby Musapa dam.

Local villagers said the minor, Gift Moliwa, was in the company of his two friends aged 12 and 13 when he met his fate.

Whilst they were fishing, it is reported, the reptile stealthily approached Moliwa who did not notice it.

It is further reported that it attacked and dragged him deeper into the water.

His friends who witnessed the incident rushed home and informed other villagers who rushed to the scene but could not do anything to save the boy.

Manicaland deputy police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean, confirmed this incident, describing it as tragic and unfortunate.

“The boy was attacked and killed by a crocodile. It’s unfortunate that parents continue to leave their children visiting such dangerous places,” said Clean, saying such cases were on the increase.

He said villagers rushed to the scene and discovered the body floating in the dam.

“Let’s protect our children and stop them from playing in such dangerous places,” said Clean.

Source : New Zimbabwe