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They say every child is an artist, the only problem is how to remain one when you grow up.

It is every child’s dream when they begin to discover new things and make sense of their environment that they are fascinated with their first real play which is art. However, as kids grow through the stages in life and interpretation of the world becomes more pronounced, the love of art fades away. This might be the case with young Brydan Tanyanyiwa. He does not paint with his hands . . . he paints with his heart and soul.

Cool Lifestyle caught up with talented 17-year-old Brydan who said he was inspired when he watched a famous cartoon strip.

“I remember doing my plain drawings back at Warren Park 1 High School, imitating the popular cartoons like Walt Dinsey’s “Tom and Jerry kids” show but I had no idea I would take it from there into a full time profession. The action images from the troublesome cartoons would stick into my mind such that I would draw them without watching,” he said.

He thinks his brother made him love art more.

“I am one person who has always been passionate about art ever since I was a little boy.

“My big brother now based in Germany, is a seasoned international artist who always gives me competition such that I live up to his creations everyday,” he said.

Brydan said his brother’s accomplishments groomed him in the process.

“When I left Warren Park 1 High School to further my art at Peter Birch School of Art, I met some talented artists who changed the way I approached the subject. I groomed myself into the new aspect and started to get inspiration from nature and redesigned what I saw but still retaining the originality in it,” he said.

The teenage boy said he is into both fine art and painting.

“As an artist I have done pieces on the world’s most beautiful birds found in the Africa, drawings depicting the serenity of African traditional life, paintings of fishermen at work that I hope to exhibit at the National Arts Gallery one day,” he said.

He said as an African his first port of call remains Africa.

“In ancient Africa, our forefathers drew on caves which was unique in those days and they did that without any inspiration from Picasso or Da Vinci or anyone prominent in art but from their daily life experiences. I wish to remain like them and preserve that African originality,” he said.

He said he identifies himself with his art but has more time for his studies.

“I take my studies seriously and I make sure I do not mix the two. At Peter Birch School of Art, we are guided by principles that you study first and enjoy your vision later.

“When I draw or paint any image, I take a ride with my pencil and brush to bring out live features that show no difference from the real ones.

“Art has convinced me that God is the great architect of life, people now call me the Ambassador of the African brand art because I bring out the best”, he said.

Many artists have expressed that painting is poetry and poetry is painting, but with words. Brydan simply paints pure poetry.

Source : The Herald