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A MARONDERA teenager employed as a gardener went on a four month drinking spree after stealing nearly US$4 000 from his employer.

The 17 year-old teenager stole US$3 865 from his employer Samuel Fidzai of Lower Paradise Park in Marondera.

According to the state prosecutor, George Manhidza, sometime in September, the teenager was left alone at his place of employment while Fidzai went into town to buy a newspaper.

Taking aantage of this and using a wire tied to a stick, the teenager fished out an envelope containing the money through the window and fled.

On his return, Fidzai could not locate his money or the whereabouts of his gardener forcing him to make a report to the police leading to a manhunt for the teenager.

The boy was arrested while having fun at a popular drinking place in Dombotombo in the same town and only US$400 was found on him.

The teenager was convicted by Magistrate Shane Kubonera to four years in prison after pleading guilty.

In mitigation, the teenager appealed for lenience saying he was an orphan and had not gone to school and, wanted to use the stolen money to start a business.

Source : New Zimbabwe