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MDC-T secretary general and the opposition party’s leadership renewal frontman, Tendai Biti, has challenged rivals in the “fascist” Morgan Tsvangirai faction to “bring on” the legal fight over the recall of legislators.

Biti told his faction’s provincial meeting in Masvingo Sunday that the law was his area of speciality adding he would change his name if the rival Tsvangirai faction succeeded in getting any lawmaker or councillor recalled.

“Our former friends under Morgan Tsvangirai have threatened that they will recall MPs I want to say to them bring it on.

“That is my area of speciality and, surely, I want to tell you that I will change my name to Morgan Mugabe if they can get one councillor recalled,” Biti said to roaring laughter.

Biti is a top Harare lawyer who returned to legal practice following the conclusion of the coalition government in which he was finance minister, a role that won him acclaim in western capitals.

The MDC-T is in what is increasingly looking a terminal crisis, having effectively splintered into two following bitter recriminations over its disastrous performance in last year’s general elections.

Biti and deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, among others, have led calls for Tsvangirai to step down as leader, accusing him of presiding over successive election failures since the party was formed in 1999.

The former Prime Minister refused the invite to make way for a new leader and violence ensured in the party, culminating in the rival factions suspending and expelling each other.

A bid by Tsvangirai’s group to have party MPs supporting Biti recalled from Parliament stalled after the Speaker refused to be involved, aising the factions to approach the courts for relief.

Meanwhile, Biti said Zimbabweans had been disappointed by the party’s consistent failure in elections, despite the support it commands across the country.

“It has been a case of one step forward and two steps backwards,” said Biti.

Known to be a passionate fan of English soccer side Arsenal, Biti borrowed from the stinging rebuke levelled at the premiership club’s coach, Arsene Wenger by rival Jose Mourinho of Chelsea.

“Tsvangirai has become a specialist in failure only to blame the next person or better still, as was the case last year, blame a company he was dealing with before the elections,” said the former finance minister.

“Our people do not buy that anymore. That is why we want to form another party and we will create a party before we join the grand coalition that is being talked about.

“We will create a Joshua Movement, because like the Biblical Moses, Tsvangirai will not take us into Canaan.”

The envisaged party, Biti said, would take over from the “tired party of democratic change in Zimbabwe”.

“The party of national liberation is tired and the party of the democratic struggle is equally tired and rotten. They smell the same way like rotten fruits and we need a new storyline,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe