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The European Union’s challenge in re-engagement with Zimbabwe is to secure consensus with Britain, which is influential in the 28-member bloc, Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has said. In an interview as the EU celebrated its 64th anniversary last week, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the stumbling block in normalising relations with Zimbabwe remained the United Kingdom, which seizes every opportunity to fight Harare.

“The EU works on consensus and the view of one country is now becoming a veto on the bloc. The challenge is how the EU can have unanimity on Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Mutsvangwa, who attended EU Day at the residence of the bloc’s Head of Mission in Zimbabwe, Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the EU should take a cue from Belgium, which took the bold step of engaging Zimbabwe directly on its diamonds. Zimbabwe has sold gems from Chiadzwa at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said Britain should also emulate Portugal, which has no diplomatic tiffs with its former colonies.

“The real wish for Zimbabwe is for Britain to follow the model of Portugal. Its relations with former colonial subjects are never a subject of diplomacy. It does not do that, but it was equally a colonial power just like Britain,” he said.

Ambassador Mr Dell’Ariccia denied that Britain held sway over the EU’s decisions. “All the EU decisions are unanimous and are shared by all member states and endorsed by every country,” he said.

Source : The Herald