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Acting Bulawayo Town Clerk Mrs Sikhangele Zhou has defended the installation of pre-paid water meters saying the move was meant to manage water use in a city that experiences perennial water rationing.

Mrs Zhou told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government, Public Works and National Housing chaired by Mutasa South representative Cde Irene Zindi on Monday that a pilot project would soon be launched.

“Council decided that they would pilot this project in these areas where there were Hlalani Kuhle stands were we give them five kilolitres loaded on the coupon for free and then they have to pay if they have to use more than that,” she said.

“Council believes that this is the way to go in our water management and use by the consumers.”

A number of urban areas have resolved to install pre-paid water metres to boost revenue collection although a number of residents’ organisation have castigated the move saying provision of potable water is a basic human right.

Mrs Zhou also raised concern on the low rainfall received this year saying they would likely decommission some dams supplying water to the city due to low levels.

“We are worried that if the situation continues as we think it will, we will by January decommission two of our dams,” she said.

Mrs Zhou said because of the perennial water rationing, the city had managed to suppress demand from residents to manageable levels.

Source : The Herald