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A WEDZA businessman has been remanded in custody after he stage-managed a robbery with the intention of converting over $7 000 from a savings club to his own use.

Edson Mahuda, 39, runs a shop in Wedza and is also the treasurer of the 20 member Zama Zama savings club.

In April, Mahuda made a claim to other members that he had been robbed of the clubs savings while on his way home at night after closing his shop.

Mahuda alleged that on the day in question, he was approached by three men driving in an Isuzu truck who demanded that he should return to the shop as they wanted to collect some maize which they had left earlier in the day.

He claimed that he complied but, on the way back, the men turned against him and assaulted him before taking the money and tying him to a tree. Mahuda was later rescued by a passer-by and a report to the police was made.

However, investigations show that robbery was stage-managed by Mahuda with the intention of stealing the club’s money.

During his recent court appearance there were also conflicting statements, with the club members arguing that $7 110 was in the custody of Mahuda when he was arrested while the businessman claims he only had $3 000.

Source : New Zimbabwe