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Bulawayo Polytechnic College is working on a very interesting web-based application dubbed Web-Com that will allow millions to remotely control their electrical gadgets in their homes, at work or farm from anywhere in the world. In a move that speaks volumes for our local training institution, the Polytechnic College is sending a clear message that we can develop industrial solutions for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans.

The principal lecturer of Electronic Communications System Mr Norman Moyo said that they are obliged to create solutions and products that will have an impact on the market and the latest invention will be available any time soon as they are finalising feasibility issues.

“This product will not just stay within the school campus for display but we are now working towards the actual commercialisation of many of our own products, the Web- Com included and this will be a very affordable, durable solution for Zimbabweans,” said Mr Moyo.

The product is a simple, but smart system that works with a cellphone, tablet or laptop. It also works with a hardware control unit that then communicates with the online server to remotely to control your appliance.

The Web-com unit simply switches on and off any electrical gadget without any need for the user to be within its vicinity and it can be programmed to automatically take certain tasks at various schedules.

This system regulates electronic devices like your electric gate and is helpful to drivers who want the gate to open as they approach and close immediately after they have entered or exited the premise.

Other uses include turning on and off your geyser system, which facilitates saving on the electricity bill.

In an agriculture setup, the application would be handy to farmers that want to control their irrigation system as a farmer can regulate the actual time water is pumped into a field.

The system works with the server machine that hosts the actual pages of various user accounts to communicate directly to the controller unit which will be mounted at your home or farm which then relays the signal to the actual load that could be a represented by any device that the owner wants to control.

Technically, the software on the webserver is a java based platform while the actual web pages were developed with html programming language which makes it a really simple but dedicated solution that will revolutionise our home technology.

With the age of Internet of Things ( ioT), this device will also accelerate the technology in Zimbabwe as Internet Service Providers may need to assign a unique Internet Protocol ( IP) address, which will place Zimbabwe amongst the top world countries using dedicated devices to achieve specific tasks.

The product has already been showcased in Zimbabwe at three major exhibitions and Bulawayo Polytechnic is now working towards patenting the idea and copyrighting it.

While the same solution may already be functional the world over the Bulawayo Polytechnic College gly believes that they have tailor made theirs to suit local conditions.

“We now need to patent the product and finalise a deal with Internet Service Providers so that we have a path and signal that is sent by millions of local subscribers to their various gadgets,” said Mr Moyo.

This, he said may mean dedicated IP addresses, although the same web based application can be used by anyone remotely via simple internet access.

Source : The Herald