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The corporate sector should partner health institutions to meet increasing costs of blood and blood products to guarantee access. “Currently there are no funds available in the distress fund and NBSZ continues to appeal to resource partners and the corporate to help avert a disaster by helping hospitals or NBSZ directly to offset costs associated with blood supplies so that NBSZ continues to provide such a critical service,” said National Blood Services Zimbabwe spokesperson Ms Esther Massundah.

Ms Massundah said blood was available in emergency cases.

She said in December 2013, NBSZ distributed US$25 000 worth of blood coupons through the distress fund to Government.

The cost of blood recently rose from US$100 to about US$200 per pint.

Ms Massundah said some companies had been supportive of NBSZ as evidenced by an increase in the number of sponsored blood collection campaigns.

Coupled with various other NBSZ efforts, this resulted in the country’s sole blood services institution collecting 17 085 units of blood in the last quarter, more than its targeted 13 870 units.

Ms Massundah urged hospitals not to only order blood group O but also the specific groups required by patients.

Anyone can use group O.

Source : The Herald