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Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Shuvai Mahofa yesterday called for a full investigation into the use of funds donated by various firms to the community share ownership scheme in the province, amid fears some of the money could have been abused.

It is believed that companies such as Renco Mine, Tongaat Hulett, Lennox Mine and Bikita Minerals contributed undisclosed funds into community share trusts which allegedly ended up being diverted by senior Zanu-PF politicians.

The Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial executive led by acting party provincial chairman Cde Paradzai Chakona has already called for a probe into the use of community share ownership funds in Masvingo.

Only Murowa Diamond Mine has been paying money into the Chivi Community Share Ownership Trust, while the fate of funds donated by the other companies across the province remains a mystery.

Sen Mahofa said she was disappointed with the performance of community share ownership schemes, saying investigations should be carried out to determine how much was paid into the schemes.

She said she will soon summon Local Government, Public Works and National Housing officials together with those from the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment to explain the state of community share schemes in the province.

“I am very disappointed with the state of community share ownership schemes in Masvingo because most of them have not benefited people,” said Sen Mahofa.

“Masvingo is a province that has benefited the least from these schemes.

“We want to get to the bottom of the matter by knowing who paid what and we will soon meet the companies in question so that they tell us how much they have paid.

“These funds cannot be stolen because there is a clear structure that is supposed to manage them.”

Sen Mahofa said the course of action to be taken on the case would depend on the outcome of investigations.

“We will issue a full and comprehensive statement on community share ownership trusts in Masvingo once we have established the correct situation on the ground,” she said.

There is growing concern in Masvingo that companies under the seven community share ownership trusts took the leadership for a ride after they produced a dummy cheque with a face value of $1,5 million when President Mugabe officially launched the trusts about three years ago.

Only Murowa Diamond Mine paid up the promised $500 000 that was used to transform the lives of villagers in Chivi through drilling of boreholes and repair of roads and schools.

Renco Mine, Bikita Minerals, Tongaat Hulett, Lennox Mine and Save Valley Conservancy have not yet owned up their pledges.

In January this year, Cde Chakona claimed that a substantial amount of money meant for community share ownership schemes was abused by senior politicians in the province.

Source : The Herald