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Thousands of worshippers will tomorrow converge at the Harare Exhibition Park’s Nelson Mandela Hall for the annual “Call To Worship Africa” in what promises to be the biggest gathering for a night of worship through gospel music.

Dubbed “Worship Explosion” the event will be held in phases with the first one being the morning workshop which starts at 9am and ends at 1pm.

The workshop to be conducted by experienced lecturers including Pardon Mutsago, Bernie Bismark and Herman Chimusoro among others will focus on song writing, choir directing, team dynamics as well as spiritual preparations for a service.

And the highlight will be the “Worship Night” which is scheduled to start at 4pm until 9pm. the night will be led by the refreshing Call To Worship Africa and Friends, a choir made up of over 40 denominations in Harare.On the playlist will be some amazing performances of local and international hymns by the choir which worshippers have come to enjoy in the previous editions.

So unique is the choir that it has brought joy and happiness to worshippers of different denominations.

Other performers include Chido Mutambire, Richard Dube, Dumisani Chitukutuku as well as the Sunshine Choir, another favourite group among worshippers.

Also expected are captains of industry, worship leaders from several denominations, Government officials and visitors from outside Zimbabwean borders. The free show was put together by Ebenezer World Outreach Ministries’ Pastor Charlotte Pike who urged worshippers to come in their numbers.

“Since its winter, we have decided to takes the event to the Harare Showgrounds’ Nelson Mandela Hall.

This is also because the event has grown in terms of the number of people who come to worship,” she said.

Pastor Pike said there was secure parking throughout the worship night.

Source : The Herald