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PREMIERSHIP giants CAPS United insist they have secured a new coach but they are keeping their cards close to the chest at least until early into the New Year. CAPS United were left without a coach after Taurai Mangwiro dumped them to join Harare City. Mangwiro, who endured a love-hate relationship with the CAPS United fans largely because of his identity as a former Dynamos player, also took with him his trusted lieutenant Mike Madzivanyika whom the Green Machine had touted as the former’s successor.

Since Mangwiro’s departure CAPS United have remained tight-lipped on their coaching department arguing that they were not in a hurry to engage a new gaffer.

CAPS United also risk losing a number of players whose contracts are running out on December 31.

However, returning CAPS United chief executive Joe Makuvire confirmed that they are no longer head-hunting for a coach as they had now identified their new man and are “already sealing negotiations with him”.

“What we sat down and agreed as a board was that we needed someone who can work with limited resources and who is generally free from the general controversy affecting football in the country, we are not just looking for a quick fix but someone in it for the long run.

“We decided that we would not aertise for the position of coach or any other technical position but we identified individuals we felt met the criteria we had and as we speak we are now only tying up loose ends and finishing the technicalities like contracts but in principle CAPS United already has a coach.

“He will be unveiled maybe before New Year or soon after because like I said we are still finalising the finer details and then assembling the technical team, assistants and so forth because we want to reveal them all at one time.

“On the issue of players, we are faced with a mixed situation at the club, we have players whose contracts have expired, those who still have running contacts and those who no longer want to be part of the club.

“As a club we believe that soccer is about passion and our players who wish to move should feel free to do so and those who still have a passion to play for the club should stay.

“Those whose contracts have expired and want out can move but those who still have running contracts will have to engage us first so that we sort out the legalities with their prospective clubs.

“We have been very busy on the transfer market in consultation with our incoming coach who has been assisting us on who to go after but we have been doing our things in confidence but we are looking forward to a good year at the club,” said Makuvire.

Source : The Herald