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ANOTHER carnival atmosphere is expected today at the home of local motorsport — Donnybrook — when it hosts the second round of the most popular motor racing event in Zimbabwe, the 2014 Telecel Dragpro Drag Racing Series. Thousands of local motor racing enthusiasts are expected to throng Donnybrook today to watch this exciting event which comes hard on the heels of the hp lubes Castrol 4times4 Jamboree which was held at the same venue last weekend and it attracted hundreds of spectators.

The first event of the Telecel 2014 Drag Racing Series was held on April 6 at Donnybrook in front of more than 3 000 spectators and more motor racing fans are expected to pay their way in at the same venue today to watch this ever popular event .

With over 60 competitors expected, the day promises the usual action and excitement for all. As competition at the top heats up, drivers and riders alike push their metal to the limit, each one either trying to protect their current position or attempting to climb the ladder by beating their personal nemesis!

With pride and egos on the line, the grudge matches event (running from 11:30am to 3:15pm) allows competitors to call on any aersary from any class and risk the result of the race in front of the huge crowd of racing fans — even with the best preparation, things can go wrong and pride slighted, but this is the name of the game in motorsport!

During the handicap racing event (3:30pm to 4:15pm), even the fastest car or bike can be beaten by the slower underdog as the computerised timing system levels the playing field by staggering the start time of the two competing vehicles based on the time difference between their fastest times achieved during qualifying — this ensures fantastic photo finishes where even the two most unlikely matched competitors cross the finish line with very little between them.

It also shows who has the better reaction times off the start line as that alone can make for the winning factor.

For most competitors and spectators alike, the “Eliminations”, the final event of the day, is the highlight. In this event (scheduled to start at 4:20 pm), cars and bikes compete separately. Starting from the slowest motor vehicle or motor cycle respectively, competitors line up, one at a time, against the next fastest vehicle and compete in a knock-out fashion where only the winner of each race returns to compete with the next vehicle until the last standing vehicle is crowned as fastest eliminator car and bike of the day respectively.

With the continued and growing competitor support, Dragpro Club, through their secretary Susan Zevgolis, recently confirmed the addition of two more motor vehicle classes with immediate effect. This brings the total number of classes to 13, made up of 10 motor vehicles and three motorcycles respectively.

“The addition of the two new classes will offer competitors the opportunity to compete within tighter groups made up of more closely matched engine sizes and offer more opportunity to win prizes and places. This will bring the total prize money value up for grabs per event to US$3 360,” Zevgolis said.

Dragpro Club has also recently announced the scheduled return of Reg Murray from South Africa with his re-branded rail car for the July event and it is hoped that in the future more South African competitors can be encouraged to participate in Harare’s Drag Racing Series.

With great racing, trade stalls, childrens entertainment, full bar and catering, today promises fun for the whole family! The Telecel 2014 Drag Racing Series is proudly partnered by Telecel, hp lubesCastrol, Turbo Solutions Africa, Financial Gazette, Autobusiness Magazine and DHL.

Source : The Herald