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The Inaugural Harare International Carnival was brought back to life in a pictorial exhibition hosted by the Zimbabwe Association of Photographers at Himacy Studios over the weekend. The carnival took place in May last year and presented a fascinating new culture to the people of Zimbabwe.

Running under the theme “My People My Culture”, the exhibition saw ZAP founder Bornwell Choga and Judith Kajuma showcasing the mood of the carnival.

In a speech during the exhibition Kajuma highlighted the importance of photography in capturing both ordinary and ground breaking aspects in people’s life. She however said the sector was not getting adequate recognition.

“Photography is an art form and noble profession that is providing employment to thousand of Zimbabweans yet it remains untapped, underutilised and underdeveloped,” she said

She applauded the government for establishing a new stand-alone Ministry of Sports Arts and Culture while saying the ministry had a mammoth task of improving all the art sectors in the country.

Other cultural aspects, especially from the rich Tonga culture, were also exhibited courtesy of Choga who visited Dande recently.

Source : The Herald