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THE tourism ministry apologised for the “oversight” after coming under fire from Senators for allowing people to prance about nearly naked in Harare during the international carnival held last weekend.

However, despite the outrage at the nudity, traditional chiefs who are also members of the Senate said they were not happy they didn’t get an official invite to the event.

The carnival, organised to help promote the country as a tourism destination, drew participants from various countries including Botswana, Brazil, Nigeria as well as the United States.

But senators this week said said they were not overly amused to see semi-nude people dancing on the streets of the capital and demanded an explanation from deputy tourism minister, Walter Kanhanga.

Kanhanga defended what he described as cultural diversity.

“Yes, in our culture it is bad to see people naked, but in this case we were celebrating cultural diversity,” he said.

“People came with their different cultures to showcase. Another aspect is that the event was restricted to the road that we used.”

Cultural diversity … Participants who represented neighbouring Botswana

Chiefs president Fortune Charumbira then demanded to know why traditional leaders were not officially invited to the nude fest.

“What is Government policy on inviting traditional leaders who are custodians of culture when conducting cultural events like the recently held carnival?” asked Fortune Charumbira.

“Traditional leaders were just reduced to observers during the carnival, but they are the custodians of the culture.”

Kanhanga apologised for the oversight.

“Yes, we should work with traditional leaders,” he said.

“You know when doing our work we might overlook certain important things. I want to apologise for that oversight.”

Source : New Zimbabwe