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Several musicians including Malawian Skeffa Chimoto unite for the CCAP Voice of Mbare live D recording at the 7 Arts Theatre on Saturday.

Among the local musicians are choral gospel choir Vabatai VaJehovha, Machanic Manyeruke, Tembalami, CCAP Sakubva and CCAP Holy Youth and Eternity New Generation.

Chimoto featured on the “Nganganga” singers’ previous project.

CCAP Voice of Mbare chairman William Mikaye said all the musicians taking part in the live D recording had confirmed their participation.

“Since this is our first time to have such an event we have included other artistes who have already confirmed their participation. All the groups we have put on the posters have confirmed their presence and we are looking forward to a great event,” said Mikaye.

He said in recording a live D they were targeting the regional market.

“We have been recording and releasing songs for a long time and there is need for us to break new ground by recording a live D. It is a move targeted on the regional and international markets.

“Chimoto dominates the Malawian market and it will be easy for our music to be accepted there. We have plans to keep the idea going and currently we are brainstorming on who else to engage in the region,” he said.

Chimoto featured on some of the group’s three songs when he performed in the country last year.

“We worked on three songs with him singing in Chewa and also on some Shona lines,” he said.

The songs with Chimoto were part of the group’s ninth album project after their successful project “Kune Musha” and they showed their versatility by including a reggae version on one of the songs with Chimoto.

“Music is an art and doing a reggae version is an example of what we mean. We are happy that our producer has so much creativity and we will keep going far,” he said.

Source : The Herald