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We are turning three and we have a present for our readers. The Saturday Herald incorporating Cool Lifestyle will now be available at a special 25 percent discount for schools buying it on subscription. That means the paper will now cost 75 cents and that is only three dollars a month — but remember this is for schools only.

This is in response to the requests by several institutions and students to make sure that no child misses their edition of the only dedicated children’s publication in the country.

Schools can get in touch with our circulation department from any corner of the country to make arrangements for those schools which are not in town or along major highways.

Schools, colleges and young people oriented businesses and organisations can now also aertise their events in the paper. Let the world know what you are doing so that we can celebrate with you.

The Cool Schools column has proved very popular as many teens show their love for their schools. So now we have created a place for those who have produced excellent results in various fields including academic and sport.This is where you get to brag about the awards that you or your school have received.

It has come to our attention that some kids feel that this paper is for those in certain schools or areas. That is not true. We do not discriminate against any children.

Yesterday we were in Mudzi with our sister paper Kwayedza where we met many kids from several schools in the area who gathered at Kotwa Growth Point for some exciting time, learning Shona like they have never learnt it before. We are appointing Cool Lifestyle ambassadors from various schools to represent the paper. Are you going to be one of them?

The criterion that we will be using is very simple. Write about the activities going on at your school. You could form a journalism club or you can do it all by yourself. Send the articles and any pictures to us and the most frequent contributors will get to be the ambassadors.

There will be very few of them so you need to compete for the slots.After three years in publication there has been an outcry from our little brothers and sisters as they also want to have their own space. So we are also excited and very delighted to say that now teens will have something to share with their younger siblings as we introduce special junior and preschool categories. That means now those waiting to be teens will also have a chance to contribute to the coolest paper in town.

The Cool Lifestyle team would like to thank all those teens who make us great with their contributions on our various platforms, the parents who make it happen and of course the teachers who keep it real. We hope to be seeing much more of all of you as we keep the paper moving.

Source : The Herald