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Chimurenga musician Jairosi Chabvonga launched his album “Chimurenga Highway” at Dandaro Inn on Wednesday.

In attendance were promoter Patson Chimbodza, musicians Progress Chipfumo and Talking guitars.

Jah Prayzah was represented by his assistant manager Lloyd Kurima aka Mabla 10.

Poet Chirikure Chirikure was the guest of honour and he hailed the musician for working hard.

If his performance at the launch is anything to go by then Chabvonga’s album has a great potential to quench the thirst among Chimurenga music fans.

The opening song of the album “Kure Kwemeso” tells enemies that their plans will always be known to their intended victims because information travels faster than action.

On “Hutadzi” he notes that ancestors and God are angry because of young people’s bad ways. He says things have gone bad for us and we need to change.

“Pamusoro Pegomo” is about a poor man’s wish to get to a better place in life. He wishes to be on top of a mountain where several provisions are available.

On the track “Rombe” Chabvonga represents a grieving parent who laments being neglected by children. The parent says he is suffering because the children are failing to look after him.

“Vamwe Zvavo” is a duet with Dino Mudondo, which mirrors the musicians’ real situations.

The musicians mourn their late fathers and admit that there are gaps in their lives because of the loss.

Mudondo and Chabvonga have a lot in common since they were in the same class at school

“Rairo” is a warning to a son not to be promiscuous and encouragement to work hard.

The album is fast gaining popularity as it is being played in most public places.

Source : The Herald