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Chaos rocked the much-hyped Harare Lockdown concert at the Harare International Conference Centre after thousands of fans were denied entry. The 4500-seater was filled to capacity while thousands more were still queuing outside the venue in one of the biggest turnouts so far this year. Security at the venue failed to control the crowd and riot police had to be called in to quell the commotion which turned violent after some irate fans who had already bought tickets forced their way into the auditorium breaking glasses in the melee.

Riot police then unleashed dogs on the angry crowd causing panic outside the venue. Some fled the venue while others fell on each and sustained injuries.

The concert headlined by top South African kwaito group Mafikozolo also had superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, Tocky Vibes and Alexio Kawara on the same bill.

While violence broke outside the venue, more drama was to follow on stage with Tocky Vibes causing unnecessary confusion on stage.

Besides putting up a shoddy performance beyond fans’ expectations, the youngster who is making headlines in Zim dancehall circles, was besides himself.

Tocky is fast losing his composure whenever he takes to the stage.

Backed by a live band which was out of sync, Tocky failed to find his rhythm and sooner rather than later, he was bottled on stage.

An equally angry Tocky then vented his anger on the sound engineers for allegedly “sabotaging his act”.

And Jah Prayzah who was on his way to Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda for a joint show with Suluman Chimbetu was caught up in the mess backstage.

Although Jah Prayzah had come to rescue Tocky vibes from the missiles, close sources said the gesture did not go down well with Tocky who thought the “Tsviriyo” hitmaker had come to score points during his act. The majority of female fans screamed when they caught a glimpse of him on stage.

“Jah Prayzah please do not gate crash at other people’s shows to try and win fans,” one bouncer warned him.

A scuffle then ensued between Jah Prayzah’s security and Tocky’s handlers backstage.

After pushing and shoving, Jah Prayzah then accused Tocky’s handlers of stealing his mobile phone.

But Tocky has all but himself to blame for the chaos. For starters, he no longer has respect for his fans as fame seems to have gotten into his head such that he thinks he will be at the helm forever.

Secondly, he chose to perform unfamiliar songs which in turn did not resonate with the highly expectant mature crowd. It was only after Seh Calaz appeared during his set that the crowd went into a frenzy with “Katinobva Kwakasiyana”.

Amid all the chaos, the fans drank the bars dry despite an increase on the price of all beverages to US$4 a can.

Meanwhile, all the other performers had a great time on stage.

Kawara’s set mesmerised the crowd and so was superstar Oliver Mtukudzi who as usual took fans down memory lane and also sampled tracks from his latest album “Mukombe Wemvura”.

The main act Mafikizolo brought the house down with excellent choreography and crowd control.

The show was organised by Simba Madziwa of Simmad Entertainment.

Source : The Herald