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THERE is chaos at Kugara Musango Housing Co-operative in Mufakose where beneficiaries are building houses on one stand after they were double allocated the same piece of land in a development bordering on corruption.

This has led to violence that has seen some desperate home seekers injured.

The co-operative was registered in 2002 by former zanu-pf councillor for Ward 36 Ms Hilda Ruzane. It allocated 118 stands to members who started paying fees towards the servicing of the area. Servicing was completed in 2007.

Beneficiaries claim that chaos started when Ms Ruzane started demanding additional payments through unscrupulous means. She demanded that the money be paid directly to her and not through the treasurer appointed by the co-operative.

“We paid money required for servicing the stands in full. Water and sewer pipes were bought and installed. When the American dollar was introduced, Ms Ruzane started demanding that we pay more money saying that our Zimbabwean dollar subscriptions had expired,” said Ms Charity Juwaki.

Ms Juwaki was allocated a stand on which she built her house, but trouble started when another person was given the same stand.

Several other beneficiaries are experiencing the same problem.

“I was allocated the stand first and a few years on, another beneficiaries came and violently ordered me and my family to vacate the premises.

“When we refused, they assaulted us. We reported the case to the police, but we were told the docket is missing,” she said.

The Herald visited the area yesterday and witnessed the double allocation of stands. There is chaos as desperate home seekers have erected structures on the same pieces.

Some beneficiaries produced water bills registered in the names of other purported beneficiaries.

Chairperson for the co-operative Mr Kudzai Murisa said the situation was bad.

“This is a clear indication that the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development was failing to stamp its authority.

“We have been in and out of their offices several times, but nothing seems to be getting done except getting promises that the issue is being investigated and they will get back to us,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the ministry were fruitless.

Members of Kugara Musango Co-operative claim there is no permanent list of beneficiaries as Ms Ruzane keeps changing names.

Yesterday Ms Ruzane said the co-operative members were blackmailing her.

Source : The Herald