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PRESIDENTIAL spokesman George Charamba has told the government-owned Herald to “stay above little agendas” as the newspaper was forced to apologise over false report regarding sacked presidential affairs minister Didymus Mutasa.

Mutasa learned he was no longer Zanu PF administration secretary while in hospital in South Africa before being fired from cabinet while in India where he is tending to his sick wife.

But on Saturday the Herald claimed he had sneaked back into the country and was shocked to find that his government supplied security detail had been withdrawn.

However, Mutasa told a privately-owned daily that he was still in India.

“I don’t know why they publish lies. I just laugh at them you cannot be angry with them. That is their style of work,” said Mutasa on Sunday.

“We are still in hospital, we can’t just pack our bags and leave the hospital. I will be home probably next week.”

Charamba, who is also permanent secretary for the information ministry, said: “The system would have been aware of his home-coming and it is clear that he is still out.

“The Herald is a paper of record. It should stay above little agendas that will attack its own credibility.”

In his mea culpa the Herald editor said: “We erroneously published a story on our front page that said … Mutasa who has been India over the past month, had reportedly come back into the country.

“It has since been established that he is still in India where his wife is undergoing treatment, contrary to claims by our sources that they had seen him at his Rusape homestead on Christmas Eve.

“Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.”

Mutasa was fired from government after being linked to an alleged coup plot by former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Source : New Zimbabwe