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Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has branded Zapu leader a sell-out and a charlatan after the former cabinet minister questioned the surprise appointment of Phekelezela Mphoko one of the country’s two Vice Presidents.

Among the lot of former PF Zapu politicians who joined forces with President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu under the unity accord to form a rebranded Zanu PF, Mphoko was the proverbial dark-horse in the race to succeed the late Vice President John Nkomo.

His appointment raised many an eyebrow with critics saying his surprise elevation to the coveted job was a brazen violation of the unity accord as he was too junior for the post.

Dabengwa has described his former liberation war subordinate as a “deceitful sell-out” who clandestinely became one of the then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe’s intelligence operatives just after Independence.

“On attainment of independence in 1980, Mphoko was one of the few Zapu cadreacutes to be inducted into the CIO,” Dabengwa said, in a statement written jointly with the Zipra high command.

Dabengwa also claimed that Mphoko ditched Zipra at the height of the struggle.

“In the mid-1970s when the Zimbabwe People’s Army (Zipa) was set up in Mozambique to bring together Zipra and Zanla forces, the Zapu contingent was led by Alfred (Nikita) Mangena, with Mphoko still in charge of logistics,” he said.

“When irreconcilable differences cropped up among commanders in that force, Nikita pulled back the Zipra contingent to Zambia, but Mphoko stayed back and indicated he would follow at a later date.

“That did not happen much to the anger of Nikita and the rest of the Zipra command. As far as Zipra commanders are concerned, Mphoko joined Zanu when he reneged from joining his contingent when they left Zipa to return to Zambia.”

But in an interview with the state controlled Sunday Mail newspaper, Jonathan Moyo labelled the former ZIPRA intelligence chief as immature and jealous of Mphoko adding that his statements were “manifestly reckless”.

“It is most unfortunate that a stalwart of our liberation struggle, more-so one of Dabengwa’s historic stature, has chosen to come out sounding very trivial and immature,” Moyo said.

Moyo said Dabengwa was collaborating with sell-outs to work against the same ideas he and Mphoko fought for in the liberation struggle.

Dabengwa, together with a handful disgruntled former PF Zapu cadres, broke ranks with Zanu PF 2008, protesting President Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies, to revive the former Zapu.

Moyo added: “Dabengwa’s immaturity in his mishandling of this matter risks exposing him as being petty and jealous about a former subordinate in the liberation struggle who is today holding an important position of national responsibility.

“Pettiness and jealousy are the stuff of counter-revolutionaries and quislings and there are many comrades who would not like to see Dabengwa continuing in that category.”

Moyo likened Dabengwa to a group of tribalistic Matabeleland politicians who have been content with the trappings of forming the governing elite in the country without minding the marginalised region’s development concerns.

“The time has come for Matabeleland to become national in both its character and content,” Moyo said.

“VP Mphoko brings that promise in a very refreshing way. As such he does not need to be pulled down but to be supported by everyone – beginning with the people in Matabeleland.

“As VP Mphoko’s former commander in Zipra during the liberation struggle, Dabengwa will do himself a lot of good by leading the way in support of VP Mphoko to make a positive change not only in the region but also in the country.

“Dabengwa must understand that just like a teacher who does not support his or her rising student is a charlatan, so is a commander who pulls down his rising subordinate.”

Source : New Zimbabwe