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An influx of cheap imported milk products on the market is negatively impacting on the operations of the local dairy industry, a representative body for the sector has said.

In a report, the Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF) urged the Government to impose stiff import duties on foreign dairy products that have flooded the local market from as far afield as Brazil.

Locally produced dairy products are disaantaged in the market by their higher price compared to the imports, but ZADF said the Government should hike import duties nonetheless.

“The situation is beyond our control and the Government should impose duty on imported dairy products,” it said.

Statistics show that the national dairy head which stood at a 122 000 cows in 1990 had declined to about 22 000 by 2011, resulting in low milk production which prompted imports.

ZADF chairperson Mr Craig Follwell said dairy farmers should adopt modern technologies to contain costs.

This, he said, was one way local dairy producers could help reduce the prices of their products, and compete against imports.

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Source : The Herald