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A PLUMTREE businessman armed himself with a police anti-riot truncheon and used it to bash his wife, a serving police officer, when the couple squabbled over the wife’s alleged extra marital affairs.

Not one to be put down easily, the wife managed to wrestle back the truncheon and pummelled her husband, injuring him so seriously he required a plaster on his hand.

After overcoming his battling wife, Alwyn Kikkins, 30, is said to have detained her for three hours in the couple’s home and ordered her to compile a list of all male partners who had bedded her during the course of their marriage.

As if the names were not enough punishment for Nokuthula Lusinga, 29, the businessman further ordered the wife to state the dates and the venues she slept with the men.

Lusinga, a Plumtree court heard, obliged by drawing a “fake” list of 20 male police workmates with whom she had allegedly had sex.

Kikkins was charged with assault but was spared custodial sentence after the presiding magistrate considered the couple had been fighting.

The scuffle, the court further heard, started when the female police detective returned from a work-related sporting event in Bulawayo June 14.

It emerged she had, for strange reasons, decided to prolong her absence from home by another day when the rest of the travelling party returned to their homes.

Kikkins was told, during investigations, that his wife was having sexual relationships with her male colleagues, leading to his concluding she had strayed to one of her sex jaunts.

On her return, an enraged Kikkins is said to have picked up a cooking stick and bashed his wife several times.

He then reached for the wife’s baton stick and struck her on the head.

But not to be outdone, the cop who recovered the weapon from her civilian husband and doled out her own form of justice, injuring the husband on his hand.

The brawl took place in full view of the couple’s two children.

On her part, Lusinga sustained a deep cut on the head and would later receive treatment at a local hospital.

But that was not before she had to compile the list of alleged sex partners, a task she diligently performed when she rustled up a good list of 20 male officers she knew.

Kikkins appeared in court wearing a plaster on his right hand.

During court proceedings, he took matters with the police he claimed had denied him access to medical help during his two days of police detention.

Lusinga begged the court to lock up her husband saying he had threatened to kill her, but the request was turned down by Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa, who fined Kikkins $500.

“In coming with this sentence, I considered that you are a first offender,” said Ruvetsa while handing down sentence.

“I also considered that you were also injured during the scuffle as a result no one between the complainant and accused came out with clean hands during this dispute.”

Kikkins was also slapped with a wholly suspended six months jail term on condition he did not commit a similar offence within five years.

Source : New Zimbabwe