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A MARRIED Dete school head, who managed to conceal his illegitimate child from his wife for 13 years, was finally exposed last week when his girlfriend dragged him to the maintenance court to force him to start taking part in fending for the teenager.

Masiya Macheka, head of Makwandala Primary School in Matebeleland North, has been officially married to his wife for the past 26 years.

The wife, also a teacher at the school, did not know her husband had an extra marital affair with one Esinath Ncube, which resulted in the latter conceiving a boy child, now 13.

All has been well when the boy was going through primary school education with the mother single-handedly paying his fees.

Problems only started when the child’s upkeep became more expensive when he enrolled for secondary school, forcing the mother to blow the gaff.

Ncube, a supervisor at a local hotel, approached the maintenance court last week to try and force Macheka to start taking responsibility.

“He has never helped me in raising our son who is now doing Form One,” Ncube told the court, “It has become difficult for me because he is now in boarding school.”

Ncube demanded $320 per month from Macheka for the upkeep of their son.

Macheka however did not deny his obligations but only questioned why Ncube had decided to enrol the child at a boarding school which is more expensive while expecting him to then meet the costs.

“I have been married since 1988 and I have three children, two of whom are in college and I can’t afford,” Macheka said in response to the demands.

“I didn’t know the boy was now in secondary school because she never told me. I can afford to give her $30.”

Macheka’s pledge drew an angry interjection from the presiding magistrate who quickly reminded him the boy was in fact his son in the same way the other children were his.

The magistrate ruled that he pays $100 per month starting end of this month.

He was ordered to pay the amount until the child turned 18 years or became self-supportive.

Source : New Zimbabwe