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CHEGUTU Pirates vice chairperson Musiiwa Dube says the three-match ban from using Pfupajena will have a negative effect on their finances.

Dube said they felt the sanctions were harsh for a team that relies on gate-takings.

“We feel it’s harsh, I think we have accepted it because we feel we also need to control our supporters. We thought we could have been given a one-game ban, but we got three and (we think) it’s harsh.

“As it is right now, we are saying it’s going to be difficult because we are struggling financially. We rely on our gate-takings and they will be reduced by about 80 percent because some of the supporters cannot afford to add bus fare on top of the gate charges.

“We are now preparing for our game on Saturday where we are going to play in Chakari. We are encouraging our supporters to behave because now it’s the team that suffers.”

Musiiwa said they were working on improving security at the stadium.

“We have been complaining that referees should not rob us, turning the supporters to be an emotional lot. The referees have become part of the problem,” said Musiiwa.

“The Northern Region (board) need to address this while we improve security and football will be the winner at the end of the day.

“If those bans and fines are imposed without addressing the referees’ issue it won’t help.”

The Chegutu Pirates vice-chairperson said financial challenges were also affecting their performance on the pitch.

Source : The Herald