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A YOUTHFUL Matabeleland South traditional Chief who is in the habit of whipping his subjects when they err got a taste of his own medicine when he was slapped by one villager in revenge.

The revelations came to light when Sabelo Noko (31) of Selonga village in Guyu was brought before the courts Wednesday charged with assault.

He pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $100 fine or spend twenty days in prison.

Noko said he assaulted Chief Oaheng Nare Marupi (21) because he had previously whipped him on three different occasions.

The court heard that on the 15th of February at around 11am Chief Marupi was drinking beer at Mbuzimbili business centre in Selonga when Noko just slapped the Chief several times on the face without provocation.

Noko then walked away without explaining and Chief Marupi went to report the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Noko.

Source : New Zimbabwe