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2014 NAMA winner Enock Chihombori said was excited to receive news that his book was nominated in the Outstanding Children’s Book category. Perhaps to pre-empt the sarcastic tongues on social media, Chihombori decided to talk about his tearing up at last year’s ceremony himself.

Chihombori posted his news on Facebook: “Last year pandakahwina NAMA award for the film ‘Gringo Troublemaker’, ndakachema zvakapisa tsitsi vanhu vepaBhuruwayo pataiva tiri apa. Gore rino ndine bhuku rinonzi ‘Little Hare Stories – Big Trouble at the River’, iro rakanominetwa mukatagori ye ‘Outstanding Children’s book’. Zvino ndikahwina ndochema futi here vakomana?”

The book which talks about braveness was published in the United Kingdom by Xlibris Publishers.

Chihombori said he started working on the project in 2004.

“It’s a cartoon-format type of book. Others prefer to call it a graphic novel. I started working on the illustrations in 2004 and completed them around 2007. I set the project aside as I had to work on other projects. I resumed the project in 2013 when I started working on the dialogue. The book was published in 2014 and it’s currently only available on online book stores like Amazon and E-bay,”he said.

He said didn’t write to win awards but for fun.

“I write not to win awards, but just to entertain. Most of my writing has been centred on comedy, but with this book, I really wanted to aim at children. It’s format and illustrations are designed to attract the attention of children and in a way, play a part in encouraging them to read,” he said.

He said having the book being nominated means a lot to him and the children.

“I did this book with young learners in mind. Children love folk-tales. Children love animals. Children love books with pictures. This book represents all this plus easy to read and understand English words. So having it nominated for NAMA really means a lot to me. It means the selectors have appreciated something within its contents.

Whether the book wins or loses, that will be a different matter altogether. I am just happy to have the book nominated.

Last year the actor cum producer walked away with the Outstanding Screen Production: Gringo the Trouble Maker.

Chihombori is now based in Botswana where he is working at a mine.

Source : The Herald