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POLICE Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri and Prisons boss Paradzai Zimondi are amongst the targets as sources insist President Mugabe’s axe will soon be turning to security services, state departments and firms.

Sources said the purges which have seen government ministers fall by the wayside could resume early next year as Mugabe is keen to rid his inner circle of all of former VP Joice Mujuru allies.

According to a top source both Chihuri and Zimondi are certain to be among the next casualties. The two are said to be close allies of Mujuru who was amongst the first casualties of the famous purge.

“Mugabe is well aware of the potential dangers posed by pro-Mujuru elements in the army, police and military top brass and will soon turn to the security establishments,” a source said.

The now rechristened Zanu PF ‘tsunami’ has spared no party official linked or suspected to be allied to Mujuru with 16 cabinet ministers axed in a period of two weeks.

This followed the summary dismissal of nine party provincial chairpersons on allegations of siding with Mujuru.

Mujuru, vice president in the past 10 years, saw her presidential ambitions fade in dramatic fashion after being linked to a plot to dethrone President Mugabe, and an alternative assassination attempt if the first strategy failed.

The yet to be proven allegations ignited a fierce campaign against the widow of former army commander and now late Solomon Mujuru, who was later fired alongside her acolytes.

Source : New Zimbabwe