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Children from various schools in Masvingo have shown their desire to uphold cultural values of this country by taking part at this year’s culture week in the province.

Various schools attended the provincial launch of culture week in Gutu at United Primary School. As the event proceeded they recited poems that encourages the nation to uphold the cultural values of the country and displayed different traditional dances including Shangara, Jerusalem Mbende, Jaka and Jikinya. Dewure High School provided boys who played Marimba much to the delight of the guests. Children who spoke to CLC said they were keen to learn about different cultures that are found in the country.

“A lot is happening in the country but the most important thing is that we are getting these lessons at school on how we should keep our cultural values,” Innocent Gutu a student from a local school said.

Some said that at their school traditional dance is an activity that all students are required to attend.

“At our school traditional dance is one of the activities that teachers need us to attend so it a move that encourages us to know about our culture,” said Tinotenda Musembi (17).

Others said though it is rare to find traditional dance at secondary schools there are activities and subjects that educate them about the culture.

“History itself is a subject that gives details about our culture and almost every child in Zimbabwe is doing that subject at O level which is a positive move towards educating the children about culture,” said Tawanda Makumbe from a local secondary school.

An official from the National Arts Council said they were happy about the response they got from the children.

“This is encouraging because these are the leaders of tomorrow and this must be a challenge to the teachers and headmasters to work towards teaching them to keep our cultural values,” he said.

Different schools including Makumbe, United Primary School, Mpandawana High and some from Zaka attended the event.

Source : The Herald