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Do children have human rights? Do kids have the right to know about human rights? Such were the questions that were brainstormed by children in Epworth last week during the awareness campaign organised by Justice for Children Trust, a local philanthropic organisation championing the rights of children in Zimbabwe.

The awareness campaign was running under the theme “Know your rights and responsibilities to end child marriages and all forms of child abuse”.

Speaking at the ceremony last week, Epworth constituency Junior Member of Parliament Hope Matimbe urged children to know their rights.

He challenged civil society to accelerate its efforts in educating children on the fundamentals surrounding human rights.

“As we will be sharing information and exchanging ideas we should know that children are an important resource to nation building and hence their rights should be guarded jealously.

“It is said that children are the jewels of the future but the same children continue to face abuse at the hands of people around them which is a worrying issue,” said Hon Matimbe.

He also stressed that child marriages were on the rise in Zimbabwe, particularly in rural areas, where girls as young as 15 are married off to men 10 or more years their senior.

The ceremony was attended by more than 200 children who were holding placards highliting their concerns.

Justice for Children Trust has vowed to accelerate efforts to educate children on their rights.

The NGO will work in partnership with Government and Plan International and they have since launched Interact clubs in schools and colleges to educate children on their rights.

Last year JCT launched an Interact club at National Education College to provide a platform for discussion among children over sensitive issues affecting them.

“JCT has the motive of achieving the existence of school clubs as they significantly enhance child protection. Anything for children without children is not for children so we want to ensure that their voices are heard.”

Source : The Herald