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MUTARE City council workers who have gone for 13 months without pay on Wednesday challenged a Zanu PF minister to provide a time-frame after she vowed to ensure they got their money.

The minister however, failed to commit to a deadline, lamely pleading for more time.

Manicaland provincial affairs minister, Mandi Chimene had called a meeting with the workers where she attacked MDC-T councillors for “sleeping on duty” while council employees went without pay.

Mutare is dominated by opposition MDC-T councillors.

Addressing the disgruntled workers at Mutare Hall, Chimene blamed councillors for the city’s problems and vowed to ensure outstanding salaries are paid.

The meeting came after another one held by former Zanu PF administration secretary Didymus Mutasa who promised the workers that they would get their salaries if President Robert Mugabe won the 2013 elections.

Mutasa was expelled from Zanu PF on Wednesday without fulfilling his promise.

And with the former presidential affairs minister’s unfulfilled promise still fresh in their minds, the workers demanded that Chimene be more specific about her own pledge.

“I am going to work hard to bring sanity at the council,” the minister told the workers.

“I am going to summon councillors and council management to my office. I want to leave a legacy that it was during my tenure that council workers who had gone for months without salary where paid their dues.”

But one of the workers demanded a time-frame.

“Cde minister what we are concerned with is the time frame because we are starving. Our children are not going to school and we do not know what to do,” said one worker.

Chimene however, could not commit to a deadline, saying she needed time.

“Please give me time I am going to act. The people who are causing problems are known and even the Town Clerk knows himself that I know the trouble causers,” said the minister as some of the workers streamed out of the hall.

Chimene said she would help the local authority recover some $24 million owed by residents and local companies so that workers can be paid their dues.

Mutare has seen its revenue streams dry up as local companies have been forced to close due to the country’s economic problems.

Chimene attributed the economic woe to sanctions imposed by the West with, she claimed, the encouragement of the MDC-T.

She promised the restive workers that she would work round the clock to bring sanity to city hall and promised to facilitate a scheme which would see them acquiring housing stands.

Source : New Zimbabwe